About Dubai Cycle Tours

Dubai Cycle Tours was formally known as Desert Cycle Tour. Platinum Heritage, a leader in the tourism industry in Dubai have been offering quality desert adventures since 2012. We teamed up with the cycling expertise of Desert Cycle Tours to bring a quality offering.

Eager to explore more of Dubai and get out into nature with their bikes like they used to back home, the owner’s family decided to give Fat Bikes a try in the Dubai desert. They shared their hobby with friends and the idea soon gained a following. To make it more accessible they came up with using E-Bikes, which make it easier for cyclists to ride on sand and dunes.

The idea of riding E-Fat Bikes in the Dubai desert was unique at the time and the bikes had to be imported especially from Germany. The E-Fat Bikes used have 4” tires and a supporting electrical battery driven engine from BOSCH Germany (for more information, please see Our E-Fat Bikes).

With the all-around positive feedback received from family and friends for this unique hobby, the establishment of Desert Cycle Tour seemed like a natural next step.

Dubai Cycle Tours
Dubai Cycle Tours

From there, trailers, solutions for shielding from the wind and anchoring in sand, needed for the base camps, were designed and tested, while the owner’s family spent their free time exploring the desert for the best tour spots.

Now, Dubai Cycle Tours offers biking tours on Dubai Beaches or the Desert for anybody who can ride a regular bicycle for five kilometres on asphalt, as well as private events for companies, friends, schools, birthday parties, and family gatherings.

All our Tour Guides and Drivers are highly trained and have excellent communication skills to ensure guests’ confidence and safety while taking part in the tour. They are also equipped with plenty of knowledgeable about the history of Dubai and the flora and fauna of the desert, which they are always happy to share.

Our company language is English and all tours are conducted “with a smile” in English. We have a continuous learning and improvement process in place to improve the customer experience; therefore we are glad to receive your feedback in person at the end of the tour, or through email and social media.

We have an environmentally friendly vision for our company. Our motto and promise is, “leave nothing apart from your cycle tracks in the desert”.

Dubai Cycle Tours