Beach E-Fat Bike Cycle Tours

Get on a Dubai Beach Cycle Tour! Dubai is well known for its coast line, miles of white sandy beaches. What better way to explore them than by bike! Glide effortless over the sand of Dubai’s most famous beaches on an E-Fat Bike. Fat bikes have tires that are, you guessed it, are fat! This means they can go ‘off road’ easily. Stay off the busy foot paths and explore the beach on the sand! The electronic assistance means that you can choose the pace of the tour for what is best for you. Crank it up to turbo for maximum assistance or cruise with light help, or for the fit, no help at all!

Start the ride at an easy meeting point at Kite Beach next to SALT restaurant. Then hit the beach! Ride along and cruise past the Dubai Canal, fisherman ports, then heading towards the iconic 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab. Stop along the way for photo opportunities and a swim if you like!

Choose the tour that suits you best:

Morning Beach E-Fat Bike Cycle Tour

It is often said that the mornings are the best time of the day. Seize the opportunity to start your day in a fun, healthy and adventurous way to explore Dubai’s beaches.

Sunset Beach E-Fat Bike Cycle Tour

Dubai is famous for its beautiful sunsets over the ocean every night. Witness this beauty as you cruise up and down the white, soft sand on an E-Fat Bike.