What is an E-Fat bike?

Fat Bikes were originally invented in Alaska, US for riding on snow. Since 2009 they can be seen in Dubai on sand. We started using and testing Fat Bikes with electrical support engines in the desert of Dubai in 2013.

At Dubai Cycle Tours we use the E-Fat Bike system from Bosch, which contains five main elements:

The Engine

Pedalling is essential to get additional power from the electrical engine. The more you pedal, the more torque and energy will be provided by the engine. Therefore, gearing is needed to regulate the additional power given. The engine can provide a maximum of 60 NM torque and the highest speed supported is 25 km/h.

The Battery

The Lithium batteries we use weigh 3 kg and have a capacity of 400 Watt Hour. A fully charged battery will comfortably last for a two-hour tour in the dunes of Dubai. For longer tours additional batteries will be provided.

The Control Unit and Display

The engine has four levels of support. We always start cycling on the lowest level, ‘Eco’. The second level, ‘Tour’, will be used during most of your tour. Finally, the highest levels of support, ‘Sport’ and ‘Turbo’, will be used to help climb the dunes. The three sensor system developed by Bosch converts your pedalling cadence, speed and torque into the right supportive power. The Bosch systems are protected by patents and have received a Red Dot Design Award, an internationally recognised quality label for excellent design.

The Fat Tyres

The tires are 4” wide and will be deflated depending on weight and sand consistency. Our certified tour guides will do the adjustment at the start of the tour.

The Frame, Gearing And Brakes

We use a light aluminium frame from ‘Bulls’ that gives the E-Fat Bikes the necessary stability and lightness to glide over the desert sand. The frames are equipped with ‘Magura’ breaks and a ‘Shimano’ gearing system. Our E-Fat Bikes weigh 28 kg. All components are maintained in our own repair and maintenance centre to ensure the functionality and safety of our E-Fat Bikes during the Desert Tours. Thanks to our high-quality E-Fat Bikes anybody who can ride a regular bicycle for five kilometres on asphalt will be able to participate in our guided Desert Cycle Tours.